Great Gardens TV - EP 09


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Fire: Recovery & Resilience

Find out what our FRR program is all about and why we believe it is so important to get these messages out there in fire prone communities.

The Great Aussie Waster

Landfill Landscapes - Bushmead

Baileys Lawn Reviver

After a long period of winter dormancy, use Baileys Lawn Reviver to improve your lawns visual appearance within days. The organic structure works through the lawn’s profile to activate microbial action and stimulate earthworm activity, promoting healthy growth. Water retention is increased, water run-off and evaporation are reduced and disease resistance increased

Grow It Local - with Baileys!

This unique product combines a slow release base of organic blood and bone with essential plant nutrients, trace elements and soil improvers. So it not only feeds your garden with a complete range of nutrients, it also builds and contributes to a healthy soil structure. Added Zeolite holds nutrients and water in the root zone where it is available for plant uptake. 

Greenfingers - Tremendous Trees!

Where we you on Jan 11th 2014? Hopefully it was somewhere cool because that was one of Perth’s hottest days ever recorded! Some areas were harder hit than others and the single most important factor determining whether you sweltered and melted or made it through relatively easily was not air con, the sea breeze or even whether you had a swimming pool. The answer was quite simply beautiful age old trees!

Greenfingers - Kids & Nature

A lot of our kids do not get the benefit of living in areas surrounded by or containing bushland, it is only natural for a child to express their curiosity by connecting with the wild.

Greenfingers - Resurrecting your Compost!

If you’re guilty of not caring for your compost heap (like many of us out there!) don’t despair-Chris has some great tips for getting it looking tip top terrific again.

Greenfingers - Recycled Garden Art

We are living in a world where things are thrown out and replaced instead of fixed or turned into something new, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Father's Day Workshops: The Hawaiian Group

Have a look at our awesome Father's Day workshops! We collaborated with the Hawaiian Group to teach groups of kids about planting trees and the importance of sustainability. When the seeds had sprouted they bought their Dad along to pick up the seedling as a gift for Father's Day. We enjoyed it so much - we hope you enjoy this video too! 

The Garden Gurus - Making great Soil

Chris talks about impoverished soils and how the incredible WA ecosystems cope. Find out first hand how to make great soil with this amazingly easy step by step recipe for wonderfully fertile soil in your own back yard.

Great Gardens TV - EP 10

Chris shows you how to ready your garden for the summer so that it can survive and maybe even thrive in the Perth heat! Find out how wetting agent, sustainable water saving reticulation, mulch and turning your grass into a waterwise lawn can help you save water and still have a beautiful natural environment to enjoy.

Great Gardens TV - EP 09

Chris and Steve Wood show you how to grow delicious and nutritious food, without chemicals, in whatever space you have.

Great Gardens TV - EP 08

Find out from Chris and Steve how you can drought-proof the garden, ready your veggies, lawn and verge for furnace of the sun in the summer months, and protect your home from overheating.

Great Gardens TV - EP 07

Chris talks with landscapers about his sustainable garden for the Sustainable Home Challenge. Find out from kid friendly landscape specialists how your sustainable garden can feed your little one's imagination. Revolutionise your garden to cut costs and capitalise on our wonderful WA climate today!

Great Gardens TV - EP 06

Chris shows us how simple it is to live a more sustainable life. In this episode we get an update on the Sustainable Home Challenge, some inside knowledge on double glazing, rain water tanks, and turning your garden into a waterwise wonderland!

Great Gardens TV - EP 05

Chris visits Scarborough Primary to show the kids how to turn sand into soil in their garden - healthy soil, for healthy plants and healthy food!

Great Gardens TV - EP 04

Chris talks about how you can be more energy efficient in your home. Find out through the Sustainable Home Challenge how you can slash power use in half and earn credit from power suppliers.

Great Gardens TV - EP 03

Chris introduces us to the principles of river-friendly gardening so you can have a beautiful garden without impacting the local waterways and native wildlife.

Great Gardens TV - EP 02

Chris talks about his Great Sustainable Home Challenge and how to slash water use by 50% using clever home modifications, grey water systems and water recycling ideas.

Great Gardens TV - EP 01

Chris gives you all the inside info on how to do a lot better, with a lot less in your home and garden!! This is the first in the series of GGTV.

Greenfingers - Fire Retardant Plants

Dec 15, 2014

The forests of WA have some of the most beautiful ecosystems found anywhere on the planet. The bushland, so unique, is very fire flammable but there are clever fire safe designs and principles that can be used to prevent damage from bushfires.

Greenfingers - City Farm

Dec 10, 2014

Chris gives us an insight into the workings of just how this gem was created.

Greenfingers - Recycling

Nov 30, 2014

Rubbish; we produce mountains and mountains of the stuff. Chris takes a look at how to reduce these nasties, and turn rubbish from landfill fodder to green gold.

Greenfingers - Success in the Sand

Nov 22 2014

As a Gardner, WA soils are possibly one of the most hardest to work with. Chris gives out his advice on how to maintain a successful garden in WA sands.