The Team


Our Management and Administration Crew

Chris Ferreira - Director

Chris provides leadership, guidance and direction to the team. With over twenty years experience and having taught well over 120,000 through his award winning programs Great Gardens and Heavenly Hectares, he has established himself as a leading authority on sustainable living in the public eye, with projects like the Hamilton Hill Sustainable Home - the only sustainable home retrofit project in WA.  Chris wears many hats at work, mainly as our fearless leader but also as the senior presenter for The Forever Project. Chris is a mad trekking enthusiast and cricket tragic, but loves nothing more than hanging with his loud and crazy family.

Chris has a loyal following of viewers and listeners from his media roles, which include:

  • Hosting GGTV sustainability education videos
  • Regular appearances on the ABC 720 Saturday Morning Breakfast, as well as Curtin FM and 6PR
  • Regular contributions to the press including The West Australian, The Sunday Times, Hoofbeats and The Countryman
  • Features on The West Online
  • Horticultural Media Association publications


Sarah Dalby - Operations Manager

Sarah joined the business in late 2013 as a qualified sustainability professional, after her completion of her Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Environmental Management at Curtin University. She had previously been involved in project management work and the design and construction of sustainability based web pages, and spent three years consulting in the renewable energy sector. Sarah handles the management of overall business operations including business development, client liaison, reporting and pricing.  She is deeply passionate about sustainability with her key interest in behaviour change.





Our Great Gardens presenters

Lisa Passmore - GG Presenter

Lisa is a third generation Horticultuist who spent many of her early years working in the family business - Blossoms Garden Centre, here is where Lisa learnt about plant growing, literally from the ground up. Lisa runs 'Inspired by Nature', a landscape and consultancy business which she describes as her dream job. After Lisa joined our team she quickly became one of our senior presenters and now runs many of our workshops.



Sean Gray - GG Presenter

Sean is an experienced horticulturalist with a strong background in native, ‘river-wise’ gardening and design. His passion for bio-dynamic and sustainable gardening practices is evident with over 15 years experience in landscaping and the retail nursery industry. Sean is one of our senior presenters who also gives talks to community groups, and is a regular guest on ABC local radio.



Sabrina Hahn - GG Presenter

Sabrina is among WA’s leading horticultural experts and has developed a high-profile media career over the last decade. Sabrina has been a presenter for the Great Gardens programme since its inception in 2003 and presented at the first ever Great Gardens workshop. Since then, Sabrina has been a strong advocate for The Forever Project.





Steve Wood - GG Presenter

Steve is a highly experienced horticulturalist and nursery manager, specialising in the role of native plants and sustainable food production. Steve has developed a significant media profile through his articulate and passionate advocacy roles in television and radio. Steve is a senior presenter in the Great Gardens team and an ABC radio presenter, you can watch him on Channel 10 show Greenfingers.



Thom Scott - GG Presenter

Thom was a significant player in Perth City Farm acquiring a 40 year lease.   As Educator and supervisor of works in his capacity as Manager of Grounds and volunteers, Thom worked for sixteen years with a diverse range of people from those who were often marginalised - including Indigenous people, people with disabilities and participants through the Ministry of Justice. Thom was key to designing, implementing and the transformation of this large scale inner city contaminated site into a community embraced, green environment. He is a public speaker, educator and advocate for holistic people enabled, sustainable, built and natural environments.



Matthew Lunn - GG Presenter

Matthew is a trained horticulturalist and landscape designer, with over 25years experience. His extensive knowledge of plants and his attention to detail has established Matthew as one of Perth’s top landscape designers. Matthew is a member of the Horticultural Media Association and has made regular appearances on ABC Gardening Australia, as well as hosting 'Let's Talk Gardening' on Curtin FM 100.1. He is a weekly garden columnist for the West Australian weekend magazine. Matthew has won a number of prestigious industry awards including 'The Australian Horticulturist of the Year', 2003 and an award of excellence for his 'Outstanding Media Contribution' by the Nursery and Garden Industry in 2002. Matthew is also a member of the Landcare Solutions consultant team.



Darren Seinor - GG Presenter

Darren is a landscaper who has been running his own business for over 10 years. His passion is plants and loves to see gardens full of colour, scent and edibles. With a background in wholesale plant production, Darren has always grown a large variety of plants to encourage diversity in his garden. Darren writes the gardening column for the Sunday Time’s Home Magazine, and is also a presenter for Channel 9’s The Garden Gurus and Greenfingers.





Our Kid's Workshop presenters

Quintin George - Kid's Workshop Presenter

Quintin has been the face of Captain Cleanup since 2000, continuing the environmental project which was initially launched by the Keep Australia Beautiful Council in 1978. During this time, Quintin expanded the program to include multiple aspects of sustainability, which he delivers to over 10,000 school students each year. Quintin has a Diploma of Education and BA in Musical Theatre. He is the lead presenter of student education programmes for The Forever Project and has delivered kids' education to thousands of kids across WA.



Cara Walker - Kid's Workshop Presenter

Cara is a sustainability advocate and children's entertainer and has been entertaining children and families for over 15 years. With a passion for environmental awareness, Cara is an advocate for children's development though her inspiring messages and faerie shows. Just a few years after founding Eco Faeries, Cara's attempt to turn green mainstream has evolved into a global community of over 2000 faeries. Cara is a published author and community television spokesperson for environmental awareness, with a regular programme, The Couch, on the Foxtel network. Cara makes regular appearances with Great Gardens at large scale festivals.



Our Heavenly Hectares Presenters

Peter Coppin - HH Presenter

Peter is a freelance consulting horticulturalist with 30years experience in all areas of agriculture and horticulture, ranging from commercial properties to hobby farms or backyard gardens. With a passion for fruit and nut tree crops, Peter is also an avid promoter of Australian native culinary and medicinal plant species. Peter is a regular presenter on ABC local radio and has a gained a strong media following. Peter has been a member of the Great Gardens presenter team since 2003.



Our Food Theatre Chefs

Shannon Whitmore - Food Theatre Chef

Shannon began his career in his home state of Queensland. He completed his apprenticeship at the Laguna Whitsundays Resort in Proserpine before moving to the five-star Cairns International Resort. Working and developing his skills in London before returning to Australia, he now spends his time  at the Kent Street Deli, of which he is also co-owner. Shannon attributes his success to the use of using fresh, seasonal, local produce to create delectable dishes and has become a regular presenter for the Food Theatre team.


Don Hancey - Food Theatre Chef

Passion is the best word to use when describing Don. After having a long and successful career in some of WA’s finest regional kitchens, Don has become WA’s Food ambassador through his continual support and dedication to WA food producers. He loves nothing more than working with quality local producers to help grow their business and their opportunities while creating innovative ways to present, showcase and market their produce by creating a world class dish. Don has a holistic view on food production and is interested in the process from soil to plate.



Our Landcare Consultants

Adrian Williams - Landcare Consultant

Adrian is the Director of Pendragon Dryland Management Services and a member of our Landcare Solutions consulting team.  He has 40 years experience in agriculture, particularly in soil and water conservation and land use planning and looks for elegant solutions to land use problems. His main message is ‘keep the soil covered, disturb the soil as little as possible and encourage the soil microbes’.  How you do that is an essential part of your land use and enterprise plan.  He has additional backgrounds in rangeland, livestock and environmental management in WA and overseas and has published widely.  Adrian has conducted many property planning workshops and individual property visits, and can assist in property planning, including reducing risks from bushfires. He is based in Bridgetown in the southwest, where he is particularly concerned with the increasing incidence of tunnel erosion.



Simon Pawley - Landcare Consultant

Simon is a talented landscape designer and is the owner/operator of Sustainable Outdoors, providing specialist services in verge gardens, re-vegetation, soil amendments and weed control. Simon as a consultant through the Great Gardens programme and conducted the garden makeovers for winners of the 2011 Riverwise Training course, the Ellenbrook Verge Makeover competition and through other referrals. Simon is passionate about low maintenance gardening. He was the designer of the Vertical Garden, or “Living Wall” which has become a regular feature at many Great Garden events including Garden Week and the Perth Sustainability Expo. Simon is also a member of the Landcare Solutions consultant team.


Dr Paul Barber - Landcare Consultant

Paul is a leading forest pathologist with a strong background in diseases of eucalypts. He has a wide variety of interests including the diagnosis and treatment of complex tree health disorders, the use of novel remote sensing techniques for monitoring vegetation health, and the sustainable management of urban trees. Paul is the director of an Environmental and Arboricultural Consulting firm, Arbor Carbon P/L, and is a Senior Lecturer at Murdoch University where he mentors a number of PhD students. Paul is also a member of the Landcare Solutions consultant team.