The Probiotic Life Podcast


The podcast to serve as a platform for discovering the intricate relationships between human health, soil health, and ecological health. 


Ben is passionate about microbes and how we can live in symbiosis with them. They can enrich our lives and our conscious experience, and I see this podcast as my contribution to the evolution of human consciousness.

The vision:

- to reconnect people to nature.

- to educate people on how we are inextricably connected to our environment.

- to inspire people like you to improve your 'microbiome' and ultimately, the 'biome' we all share.

Listen to Ben's podcast with Chris here!


The aim is provide a platform to share stories and conversations with people who have devoted their lives in some way to better human life and heal our planet.

Ben interviews people who are involved in the art and science of working with microbes. I'm always looking out for people who have changed the way they live because of the interactions or lessons they've learned from nature, and more specifically, from their area of discipline.

We talk anecdotal stories that may allude to unknown dynamics of this universe, but also rigorous scientific evidence about how microbes can benefit us though our health directly, or through the way they affect our environment.

We personally believe everyone can contribute to restoring this world to symbiosis if they believe it it is possible. We hope this podcast inspires you, and that you reach out to connect with me to share stories on your journey to the probiotic life.