About Great Gardens


Sustainability and protecting the natural environment are becoming increasingly important to most people’s lives. Understanding issues that affect us every day, such as climate change, resource shortage and environmental degradation, allows our communities to affect real and lasting change for a sustainable, happy and prosperous future.

People are looking for guidance, and at Great Gardens we provide events, information, advice and education, focusing on resource management in the home and garden.

Our team includes some of Australia’s leading sustainability experts, who have a passion for the environment and for inspiring and empowering Australian’s to become more sustainable.

Topics we can help you with:

•             Waterwise gardening

•             Fertiliser and river-friendly gardening

•             Design and management of your outdoor space

•             How to grow delicious, nutritious food with less resources

•             Planting for shading and cooling

•             Great plants

•             Energy efficiency

•             Renewable energy

•             Solar-passive design

•             Grey water and water efficiency

•             Recycling – what goes where and why

•             Mulching, pruning and garden waste

•             Soil improvement – turn sand into soil!

•             Turning your garden into the biggest room in your house

•             Turning your garden into a natural air-conditioner

•             Nature play and getting outdoors with the kids

•             And lots more!

Great Gardens was founded in 2003 by pioneering sustainability experts Chris Ferreira and Garry Heady and is WA’s leading program of community education with delivery to over 100,000 West Australians.

Great Gardens is sponsored by State and Local Government, The Water Corporation and the Department of Parks and Wildlife.