About Fire Recovery & Resilience


This special workshop will be designed and delivered by our team of experts, to empower you with the vital strategies and techniques to create a safer and more sustainable environment for your property, in the face of the ongoing threat of fire.

 The workshop will feature:

1. Overall property layout and design:

- Specialist advice and design ideas on setting up and retrofitting your property to reduce and minimise the impacts of fire and drought, both to the homestead area as well as the larger property. 

- Managing fuel loads on the property 

- Bushland management to reduce the risk of fire through bush regeneration, weed control and mosaic burn programs for bushland fire safety and biodiversity

2. Landscaping:

- Specialist advice on fire retardant plants and landscaping techniques with an emphasis on helping you work out the various threats to your property. This includes how to mitigate the worst effects and how to design management actions to get the most effective fire safety outcome.

- Techniques to improve fire safety through increased food production strategies especially orchard and vegetable garden design

- Techniques to help landscapes and homesteads effectively recover post fire - focus on reducing impacts of erosion and weed influx 

3. Building design and retrofit:

- Specialist building design and retrofitting advice from an experienced Architect focusing on reducing the threats from fire, design features and the best tools to help landowners combat an advancing fire. Plus other techniques to make the homestead more energy efficiency and more climate change resilient. 

- Assistance to help landholders meet the new BCA fire safety regulations

- Product literature and samples of fire mitigation and management products and tools

- Post fire redesign and building repair and or replacement.