About The House That Chris Built



We wanted to show you how an ordinary bloke could transform an ordinary house into an inspiring sustainable home using nine key strategies. Chris explains:

1. Create a clever house and garden – we transformed our home so that it doesn’t guzzle water, leak nutrients, swelter in summer, shiver in winter and need an air conditioner to be comfortable (we symbolically dumped the old air con in the recycling skip at the start of the challenge!)

2. From Red to Black – we haven’t received a bill from Synergy in over 4 years

3. ‘Drought proof’ garden ready for summer – we slashed water use by 50% by installing rainwater tanks, waterwise gardens, greywater systems and other important water saving devices

4. Protect our rivers – we have turned our gutless sand into amazing and wonderful soil so it no longer ‘leaks’ water and nutrients into our waterways

5. Natural air conditioning – with carefully chosen trees and shrubs we have managed to keep out the summer heat but let in the winter warmth

6. From famine to food – we have created a wonderful food garden for the family including fruit trees, vegies, herbs and chooks

7. Green is Good  we have received real estate opinion showing that our green improvements have increased the value of the property

8. Embrace the three R’s: reduce, reuse and recycle  - we recycled and up-cycled as many materials as we could in the house and in the garden.

9. Make the garden the real Play Station – we created an inspiring landscape that will drag the kids out from in front of the TV and into the garden

To date over 5000 people have toured through WA’s eco-retrofit home. Interested in a tour? Contact: events@theforeverproject.com.au