About Heavenly Hectares


Heavenly Hectares events are specially designed for rural and semi-rural land holders. The sister programme to Great Gardens, Heavenly Hectares events are ideal for the hobby farmer and rural property owner.

Since 1993, Heavenly Hectares events have been attended by more than  15,000 landholders who have benefited from our expert team.

Heavenly Hectares events:

Field Days: Enjoy a breath of fresh air approach to learning! Field days are fun, engaging and informative opportunities to tour a local property and get relevant advice as you go. Field days typically last for 3 hours and include a Q&A session with an expert property consultant.

Workshops: A seminar-style workshop is a great way to be introduced to Heavenly Hectares. These events take place at a venue and normally include light refreshments while you learn the secrets of creating productive properties that use a fraction of the water and nutrients.

Property Planning Courses: A full days’ consultation, this course will provide you with in-depth advice about planning your property. It includes a property plan which will be drawn up by our expert team. To get the best from this course it is recommended that you attend a Field Day or Workshop before attending.

Heavenly Hectares events are normally provided at no cost to the public. Full Property Planning Courses, which involve design consultation, may include a charge to the property owner.