Sustainable Urban Forest Symposium

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Tue 09 Oct - 08:30 to 16:30

Perth City Farm,
East Perth WA 6004

Topic: October 9th - Healthy Trees, Healthy People


ArborCarbon and The Forever Project have combined to present a world class series of full day symposiums on creating beautiful, resilient, engaging urban green spaces and places featuring a suite of re-cycled and re-purposed products.

The events will boast lectures from world leading experts on all aspects of tree health and urban forest management combined with a unique and innovative urban greening demonstration installation putting the theory into action and showcasing the latest advances in waste reuse and recycling for ‘hard landscaping’ excellence.

A must for all Local Government Councillors, department heads and ground staff, these Symposiums held at the extraordinary Perth City Farm will feature the latest and leading science, plants, products and community engagement strategies to make your Greening Plans a powerful force for positive change.

Learn the secrets of:

- choosing and installing the best plants to create truly climate resilient landscapes

- choosing quality nursery stock and methods of planting to ensure establishment and healthy growth

- accessing and effectively utilising high quality re-cycled and re-purposed products to create unique and innovative landscaping projects

- the strategies to ensure ongoing established plant health and vigour in the tough urban spaces

world class space activation projects undertaken by the MRA

- how to activate and transform barren and hot urban sites into green and high value community spaces

- effectively engaging with your ratepayers to bring them along on the journey of accepting and valuing trees

- effective community engagement programs to sway even your toughest community critics

empowering planners to achieve better outcomes for tree retention in urban infill

world class urban renewal and re-greening projects in WA and from around the world

- cutting-edge technologies for rapid, accurate and cost-effective measurement and monitoring of your urban forest and natural areas