Inspired Infill Masterclass - November

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Sat 16 Nov - 10:00 to 16:00

Cockburn Health & Community Facility,
11 Wentworth Parade,
Success. WA 6164


Tickets available here.

Linked to Hamilton Hill 2.0 Home Open events, these Masterclasses are designed for anyone wanting to explore how they can undertake their own ‘Inspiring Infill’. Are you interested in infill for your property or looking to invest but keen to see how things can be done differently? Then this innovative new event will be perfect for you.

Designed and run by some of WAs leading designers and practitioners this event is a must for all those who want to achieve a better outcome for their urban development. Our team will guide you through some of the made and exciting changes that are opening up in this infill space and how you can change your thinking and outcomes around what is possible. Topics include effective infill planning, eco design, models for sustainable infill, landscaping for tight infill, sustainable and recycled products for building.

The team will focus on:

  • What are ‘real’ costs of standard infill development and how to avoid this

  • Key planning considerations for ‘Inspired Infill'

  • How to ‘read’ your block to get the best most sustainable outcomes

  • The basics of Strata and how it can work for you

  • New innovations in building and construction to maximise energy efficiency and cost effectiveness

  • Leading examples and case studies of innovative ‘Inspired Infill’ in WA and across Australia

  • Connections to relevant designers, builders and developers in WA

  • 'One on one’ device to kick start your project focusing on design principles to help you get the best out of your block

  • Arborist advice to maximise the health of existing and retained trees

  • Strategic revegetation and water sensitive design for tight landscapes

  • Use of recycled C&D waste and other products in your build

  • Some of the marketing and promotion tips for making your new venture work

Proudly supported by the City of Cockburn.