Lowering power bills to help people get through summer is like making drugs cheaper for addicts!


Confrontational? Perhaps, but if we look at the national obsession on 'bringing down power prices' we can see we are actually just trying to treat the symptoms!

People are struggling with big bill power bills to keep their houses cool, and we are ignoring the real underlying problem: that many homes and suburbs are just poorly planned and designed for Australian conditions, becoming little more than massive, sprawling 'heat sinks' that sit baking through the hot dry months.

...Little wonder families are literally 'addicted' to their big energy guzzler air con to get through these tough times!

But what if we could show people how easy it is to have a comfortable house using less power we can give people what they want (less of the household budget spent on power bills) BUT we also make a powerful strike against climate change and help to make more green, beautiful, resilient and sustainable homes and settlements in the process. Check out my segment on Garden Gurus TV: https://youtu.be/9Wb85t4juYM