Going Green to Beat the Blues


It seems to me know matter which way you look at it our cities, our suburbs and our communities are better off with the protection and planting of trees.

More and more research is showing us that trees can counter the dreaded 'heat island effect' by shading our sweltering hard surfaces from the full impacts of the relentless sun and they can also coax our kids outside.

The Forever Project is about to embark on a very important project partnership with The Water Corporation and 4 of our states leading developers where we will install 40 front gardens in new Perth estates that will show how we can have a greener, more sustainable garden whilst slashing our water and nutrient requirements. Through these installations we will do our 'Blank Canvas Garden Makeovers' where we will show our audiences, through a narrated performance exactly how we can create truly sustainable gardens from the ground up. "Rarely do people get to see a live installation of a garden on Perth's gutless sands" says chief landscaper for the project Simon Pawley from Sustainable Outdoors"this way we can show people why you add a clay/compost mix, why you use tough waterwse plants, how to space them for maximum effect, the best mulches and 'hard landscaping' components to use and why drip irrigation can slad water wastage". 


The Forever Project in partnership with its project collaborators - The Water Corporation, Cedarwoods, Peet, Lendlease, LandCorp, CWise, Ellenby Tree Farm, Baileys, Creation Landscapes, EarthCare, Netafim and Dawsons Garden World will keep people informed and up to date through regular social media activity.