Delicious partnership launched for Food Theatre!


The Forever Project is delighted to announce its recent partnership with Mt Barker Chicken - WAs leading producer of free range chicken and stocks.

“This is a great coup for us”, explained, Food Theatre Director Chris Ferreira.  “Food Theatre is all about empowering audiences that our food is only as good as the quality of the ingredients and the way it is raised and prepared. In our opinion Mt Barker has the best product on the market and so partnering with them allows us to continue to deliver through our demonstrations and meals the very best product”.

Mt Barker chicken and stocks featured in two of the most recent Food Theatre events – the Perth City Farm Long Table dinner as well as most recently as a main attraction at the Rotto Carnivale.

Food Theatre continues to grow and will be featured over the next 12 months in a wide array of events from the City of Belmont Xmas special to the launch of Yagan Square in early 2018.

Audiences line up for the wonderful Mt Barker chicken and seafood paella at Rotto Carnivale


Perth City Farm gala Long Table Food Theatre. A sold out event featuring Mt Barker chicken and chicken stock.