Chris Ferreira takes centre stage at May's Gourmet Food Theatre!


Chris Ferreira, author of A Place in the Country, is leading a quiet revolution for premium quality food. He linked up organic farmer Justin Wolfgang and renowned chefs Tim Kershaw and Dale Tilbrook at their annual Gourmet Food Theatre in Perth City Farm's industrial warehouse style barn.

100 guests joined the Gourmet Food Theatre event celebrating fine food, with a twist. ‘A first-class, 4-course gourmet meal, organic wines and organic beer is just part of a fresh and innovative approach that shows our guests that food is only as good as the soil it is grown in and the way it is transported, managed and prepared,’ says Ferreira.

‘Food Theatre allows us to demonstrate the role of healthy food and diet in creating healthy people and resurrecting the old adage – we are what we eat.’

Classically trained Chef Tim Kershaw has worked as a high level chef since 2004, including at Neil Perry’s Rosetta, George Colombaris’ famous Press Club in Melbourne, and at The Potting Shed in Wiltshire, England. Dale Tilbrook is one of WA's leading Indigenous chef's and will add her own unique hyper-local spin to the native food movement.

‘I was really looking forward to seeing how the old-world culinary skill of our classically trained chef will fuse with the ancient Indigenous wisdom of our Noongar chef Dale and what they are able to create.’

Gourmet Food Theatre appeals to everyone with a passion for beautiful food and an interest in the quality of the meal they are being served - from devout foodies and those passionate about sustainable agriculture to those simply interested in the nutritional quality of what they eat.

Dale Tilbrook with bush tucker . Credit: Lyall Tilbrook

Ferreira, whose book leads readers through the ins and outs of creating a sustainable farm, is an adjunct lecturer in sustainability at Murdoch University and specialises in environmental education and sustainability design. His award-winning programs with The Forever Project have taught over 130,000 people about sustainable living, and he is well-known for his Hamilton Hill Sustainable Home project. He hopes that the combination of the information in his book and events like the Gourmet Food Theatre will help more people realise their dream of running sustainable rural properties and passionately regenerating their precious soil.