What a difference a few months makes.  My plants that until only recently were bursting with verdant vitality stretching up to the spring sunshine are now looking a bit dog eared and world weary as they begin to bake in the summer sun. Of course, it would be easy to just open the flood gates and water with gay abandon to wash away those summer browns but we had set our garden a pretty tough challenge – survive and thrive on 50% less scheme water in what we have colourfully described as our “H2NO” diet. 

When I grew up I thought I had ‘ugly’ pretty much pegged: oil spill, rancid rubbish dump, street brawls – pretty standard fare I would have thought. But boy how wrong a guy can be. It has been said recently by more than one politician that the festering sores of humanity, the blight on the landscape, are wait for it……windfarms! Seriously. Windfarms?

We may pride ourselves on being a hip, flashy city shaking off its dullsville status but along the way we are busy eating through our precious natural capital, stomping out a pattern for consumption and development of monster proportions….