LEx - Final Session

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Thu 30 Nov - 18:00 to 21:00

1 City Farm Place
1 City Farm Place,
East Perth WA 6004

Hear from young and experienced leaders in a part panel discussion part Q&A on the topic of ethics and sustainability in leadership.



Panelists will discuss why ethics and sustainability in business is key and how incorporating these principles has led to their success and happiness. Speakers will also talk about their personal leadership journey, highlighting the challenges and wins in breathing these concepts into their businesses.


The series will end with the Burning Man ceremony, to celebrate the leadership skills learned within this series, and a ‘cleansing’ fire to offload burdens and symbolic pledge of stewardship to ‘grow’ your community and your leadership.


Our speakers will explore how spirituality can inspire leadership, followed by an exciting panel discussion on the challenges and successes of incorporating ethics and sustainability into leadership practices.

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